Cirus Capital

A new way of thinking

Cirus Capital is a Venture Capital orgnisation, based in Manchester, in the North West of the United Kingdom. The organisation has been founded by local business men, looking to invest in going concerns and new business concepts and ideas, which offer a high level of growth, with strong risk and governance controls and management team.

World Wide


Given the experience of our Directors and founders, we are able to offer an international perspective. We have the expertise to drive and develop your business into new markets.

Business Strategy


In all the businesses in which we invest, we take an active role in the business, driving it foward and maximising its growth.



Risk and Governance is an important consideration in any investment, and Cirus Capital are experts in risk, governnace and due diligence, giving you the support you need.

Supporting You


At Cirus Capital, we are firm believers in 'living the business'. We simply do not invest and walk away, we take an active role in the businesses, sitting on the board.

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